Our Story

With over 20 years of trading experience, the founder of Stock Market Education, Patrick McManus, is no stranger to the ups and downs of the trading world. Starting out in 1999, he made it an aim to absorb as much information as possible about new the world of trading that he had discovered and invested a large amount of time and money into a range of courses focused on developing and honing his trading skills.

On reflection, it became evident that while these courses did teach him important information that helped in his growth, they generally demanded large upfront fees which not only ate into trading capital, but also took a huge amount of time to generate any real ROI. This was compounded by the fact that he still didn’t really have anyone he could bounce ideas off because once these ‘gurus’ had delivered their course content and got their money, they were never seen from again.

Fast forward to a few years ago and Patrick had a ‘light bulb moment’ of sorts that began to pave the way for this very website to exist. After a particularly strong “Christmas rally”, he was faced with a decision of whether to hold or not throughout the Christmas break. After trying to decide how he could help make this decision, he came to the realization he didn’t have anyone who knew this particular trade, leading Patrick to begin looking at ways he could go about creating a Mastermind Group of sorts, where he and other like minded traders could bounce ideas, strategies and observations off each other. The seeds of Stock Market Education were planted.

Once the first group was set up, it was immediately apparent how much Patrick’s (and the other group members’) trading performance improved in a short time span. The groups assistance and knowledge helped to minimize any potential mistakes and there was a huge benefit to be had from having multiple sets of eyes watching the market at one time. The group environment greatly helped when it came to improving the disciplines and mindsets of individual members – in short, it was a mutually beneficial community where all members got massive rewards in a short time frame.

Born out of this first trading group, Stock Market Education in its current format is a tight knit community that offers cost-effective stock market education to traders throughout Australia and abroad, regardless of their level of trading experience or account balances.

The community (or ‘tribe’) mentality that began to develop in that very first Mastermind Group has now been amplified and the benefits have continued to grow for all members. With the addition of our LMS, which provides a huge learning platform for traders of all levels of experience, and our large scale sentiment polls, which helps give a broader understanding of our communities position on a particular stock, the value that our members get is unrivaled in the market today!

Our Team

Patrick McManus

Director and Founder of Traders Index, Patrick started Traders Index with a vision to share his experience and knowledge in the Trading space. Wanting to share his knowledge while also helping and giving back to the community.

Banika Smee

Social Media and Website Expert, bringing 15 years of experience, Banika has assisted Patrick in putting his vision into the digital world.

Development Team

Patrick engaged a high tech web development team to set up courses, sentiment polls and bringing it all together to create a professional membership concept.

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