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It should not be construed or taken as advice and you are responsible for you own action to consider your objectives, financial situation or needs, and you should consider whether it’s appropriate for you. This might mean that you seek personal advice from a representative authorised to provide personal advice.

Trading options is not suitable for everyone. There is a risk that you can lose more than the value of a trade or its underlying assets. You should only act if you are confident that you fully understand what you are doing.

Past returns do not reflect future returns, and it is also possible to make significant losses.

Mentor Warning – Access to any Traders Index website or mastermind group,  Trainer or Trader or any other staff or representative as a “mentor” includes a degree of one on one or group assistance to explain the mechanics of a particular trade. Please note this assistance does not construe personal financial product advice and is subject to our general advice warnings.

Other Warnings
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General Advice Warning

The content is published solely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial products. Opinions expressed on this site are subject to change without notice and Traders  Index which produced this content is under no obligation to update or keep the information current. Traders Index is not liable to you, except to the extent required by law, for any loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from any access to or use of this website.


Traders index is not a licensed financial planning firm. We are simply an online education company, who will give you factual information. We do not give any general or specific advice around options, trading, or anything else. That is not what any of our presentations or courses do. Please see a licensed financial planner when it comes to any investment advice you need.

We have however written the following disclaimer which should always be considered when trading the stock market.

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